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School Director    Ryoji Takei

In the quickly globalizing 21st century, the demand for international talent is increasing. Our globalizing society seeks those who can accurately speak their own opinions and feelings, not only in their native language but also in a foreign language. For that purpose, advanced learning of a foreign language is becoming increasingly indispensable.  As we acquire a foreign language, we learn that country’s culture and life customs, which deepens our overall concerns and understanding. Meanwhile, we also develop ourselves and find ourselves with new opportunities and possibilities.

As a result, we have a simple educational philosophy.

We at Dynamic Business College recognize that as we understand Japanese language and culture, we can contribute globally and thrive on the international stage.

Our DBC teaching staff supports you in developing as a contributor in our global society!

School Principal    Toru Miyahara

校長 宮原 徹 Toru Miyahara
The world is changing at a dizzying pace. The current situation of everything from society to business to life patterns and the environment is changing. Even the way we learn languages is continually changing – especially with the proliferation of the smart phone and the development of translation software. Consequently, we no longer have to choose the location of our study but we can now choose the language of our study. In fact, currently the number of students studying abroad from Japan to other countries has decreased. At the same time, the number of students wanting to study abroad in Japan is continuing to increase.

Why is that? Perhaps this increase is related to the rise of interest in Japanese culture and subcultures. Also, surely one temporary reason is Japan hosting the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Regardless the reasons, we at DBC are grateful that people from among the globe’s 196 countries are coming to Japan to study.

For these people, we focus on two objectives. First, we at DBC are obliged to teach them the essence of Japanese culture and to systematically help them acquire the Japanese language. Second, we are obliged to help them communicate with the Japanese language that they acquire. As students walk with these skills as their “armor,” we also support DBC students in their life in Japan and in our changing world.

All DBC teachers are highly-experienced and ready to support our students. How about you study at DBC, enlarge your horizons, broaden your perspective, and be the talented person that the world is looking for?

We at DBC seek to support you for such an endeavor. We look forward to meeting you at DBC!