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School Preparatory Courses Entrance Exams

Preparatory Courses for School Entrance Exams

Students who are in upper-intermediate and advanced classes can take advantage of the following DBC’s electives.

Preparation for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)


This course equips students to succeed on the EJU that Japanese universities require international students to take. Using previous exams, advanced DBC students become accustomed to the exam order and material. This practice supports students to perform well on the exam thereby enabling them to further their education in Japan. This course teaches history, economy, global geography, and Japanese geography.

Preparation for Graduate School Admission Exams


This course teaches vital information about Japanese graduate school exams. In this course, advanced DBC students prepare for writing a research plan and a graduation thesis. Plus, teachers and DBC staff guide students to complete the requirements for entry into graduate schools in Japan.

Preparation for the EJU - Mathematics Course


Mathematics Course for the EJU, including Math I and Math II.

Math I
Equations, inequalities, quadratic functions, figures, measurements, plane figures, sets, propositions, expressions, proofs, etc.

Math II
Extending figures and equations of Math I
Trigonometric functions, differential calculus, integral calculus, number sequences, vectors and matrices